Call for Committee Members

Call for 2018 ECC Committee Members

NJENA is seeking committee members for the 2018 Emergency Care Conference.  If you are interested in serving as a committee member, please contact Mr. James Richmann, 2015 ECC Chairperson at  The following committee positions are available: 

  • ECC Co-Chair
  • Tech Support Chair and Committee Members
  • Program Committee Members
  • Exhibit Co-Chair and Committee Members
  • Registration Committee Members
  • Room Monitors

Inquiries regarding the responsibilities of these committees should be directed to Mr. Richmann.


Call for Fundraising Committee Members

NJENA is seeking committee members for the Fundraising Committee.  Those members who are interested in participating in this committee should contact Ms. Kimberly Russo at  More information regarding the responsibilities of this committee should be directed to Ms. Russo.




NJENA President's Blog

May NJENA State Meeting (Northern Chapter hosts)

Front Page MessageMay NJENA State Meeting will be hosted by Northern Chapter on
Wed, May 17, 2017 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM EDT
St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center
703 Main Street
Paterson, NJ 07503
Attendees can park in the garage adjacent to the main entrance. 
The meeting will take place in the auditorium which is located off the main lobby on the right side.
Please join the meeting in person or from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

May 2017

Happy May

We are gearing up for our next meeting, hope you will join either remotely or in person.  This past month has been extremely busy.  Our own Heather Linsalata represented our State Council on Day on the Hill.  

Our ECC committee and executive board worked to finalize our ECC conference accounting.  We want to thank each one of you for your active participation.  

This month we will begin accepting applications for delegation at the general assembly.  

Healthcare Related News Feeds

Healthcare Matters

It’s Hospital Week and Nurses Week, a perfect time for me to extend a heartfelt thank you to the healthcare professionals who care for us every day of the year. And this isn’t just about my job here at NJHA – it’s about the care team that saved my life. Two years ago, I found myself admitted to the hospital near my hometown of Florence for the first time of my life (aside from giving birth to my son.) I had lain in bed at home over a weekend in March, sidelined by a stomach pain that worsened by the hour. I deluded myself into thinking it was food poisoning. By the time I gave up that delusion, my appendix had burst and my husband had to rush me to the ED. I had sepsis, with a life-threatening infection coursing through my body. I was very, very sick in the hospital for two weeks, and much of that time is hazy. But what I do recall is the amazing skill of the medical team and the incredible human compassion of the nurses, aides, technicians and others who provided bedside care. My...
I have been thinking a lot about John F. Kennedy’s book Profiles in Courage , which outlined difficult political decisions made by U.S. senators over our nation’s history. Often the decision was a balance between what was right versus intense political pressure. Our N.J. Congressional Delegation faces a difficult vote this Thursday, when Paul Ryan’s American Health Care Act is up for a vote in the House of Representatives.  Here are 10 reasons why I urge every member of our delegation to vote no: The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says that the AHCA will force 14 million Americans off the insurance rolls next year, and 24 million Americans will lose their coverage over the next decade. The vote will jeopardize the healthcare coverage for millions of New Jersey residents. About 800,000 New Jerseyans currently are insured under the Affordable Care Act. And 1.8 million state residents will be affected under a major change to the Medicaid program, namely the implementation of...
Today we’re getting our first close look at House Republicans’ proposal to replace the Affordable Care Act. There’s a lot to pore over, but our first and overriding concern is that access to healthcare through safety net providers does not equal coverage – and coverage is essential to good health, a strong healthcare delivery system and reduced healthcare costs. President Trump had assured the country that no one would lose coverage under his plan, but this proposal does not provide that guarantee. The proposal to change Medicaid from a federal-state partnership to a program that simply provides per-capita lump sum payments to the states raises serious worries about the future coverage of the 553,474 New Jersey residents who are covered under Medicaid. Medicaid beneficiaries have access to a primary care doctor and preventive care under that coverage. It would be a very harmful step backward if a portion of those New Jersey residents lose coverage and return to the days when they...
The oath every physician takes is to “Do no harm.” I think it’s an important credo for Congress and the Trump Administration to bear in mind as they wrestle with the future of the Affordable Care Act. There are countless stories of real people, with real healthcare worries, that have been helped by the ACA. They are the most poignant reasons to preserve a law that has helped people access better healthcare and has protected them from financial devastation if they are hit with a major illness or pre-existing condition. Truth is, the potential for harm extends far beyond the 22 million Americans and 800,000 New Jersey residents who receive health insurance under the ACA. The impact could be felt in reduced coverage protections for all healthcare consumers, in financial hits that jeopardize healthcare providers that care for us all and in deep federal funding cuts that could punch a hole in our state budget – with potential reverberations for all residents. Those of us in the...