August 2017

August 2017

Welcome to August!  Our local elections will be held at our in person meeting August 9 from 4p-7p, hosted by the West Central Chapter (Thank You) Location: 




       TRENTON, NJ  08619

What is exciting at this meeting?  We will have State Officer Elections.  Jessica Trivett and Heather Linsalata are running for president of NJENA.  Also Sally Snow from the National Office will be in attendance.  Sally Snow is currently the Secretary/Treasurer and she is one of the many highly qualified candidates running for president of our organization.  As the State President I want you to VOTE.....Your choice is personal and I respect you will choose wisely.  I have issued a chapter challenge to my Chapter Presidents.  The Chapter with the most votes will win a prize.  As a State I would love for over 80 % of our members to vote.  The ability for each member to vote online is a privilege.  Let's be the State with the most votes this election!!!!!!

National Electional voting opens on August 25, 2017...if you do not receive an email to vote ...please call right away....Prior to August 25 visit the new ENA website, click profile and make sure your email address is correct.  Gratitude is an honorable trait.  I want to thank you for being a member.  I want to thank Sally Snow for always supporting the New Jersey Emergency Nurses Association.

One last note, Our Past President Elizabeth Mizerek would like everyone to be aware that the New Jersey Board of Nursing is having some difficulties and we all need to reach out to our legislators and request more resources for the Board of Nursing.  We will have a letter available at our meeting that dives further into the situation.  

Be the change you want to see.

Dawn M. Specht MSN PhD RN APN

President NJENA